Friday, May 20, 2005

Game, Set, Loud Kid

This morning The Talker asked to go to "a new park". I assumed he meant that he wanted to add some variety to our park rotation, so we headed out to a neighborhood park that we have driven by several times. We have never stopped to play, so I guessed this qualified as a new park.

We were the only ones there for a while. The kids were having fun, going from the big kid's playscape, to the swings and then to the toddler 'scape. The park sits right next to a bunch of tennis courts, where little old ladies were playing.

The Talker started banging on a metal pipe with a stick and I was impressed, because he was keeping a good rhythm. Then I realized that play had stopped on the court, and the four ladies were looking our way. As I went to ask the boy to stop, The Princess started to walk off of one of the elevated platforms, so I had to dive over to catch her. All the while, The Talker kept up the drumming.

When I walked back over to quiet the boy, I realized the tennis players were packing up and moving to a court farther from the play area. I guess they thought I was not going to do anything about the noise. But none of them complained, they just moved on.

And of course, as soon as they cleared the court, The Talker stopped beating on the pipe and went to play with some other kids.


Anonymous said...

If they can only play in quiet surroundings you have to wonder why they're playing on courts next to a kids' playground...

Mike said...

Yeah. It was ind of odd, but it was a couple of older ladies. And a really loud kid! I guess they could not even hear each other from one end of the ocurt to the other.

They did not complain, just moved further away. So no hard feelings from me.

Darth Daddy said...

Hats off to you. I'd have grabbed a stick, and tried to match the beat.