Sunday, July 16, 2006

Best Junkin' EVER

So that magical time of year is in full bloom around here. Junk piles in front of houses all over our neighborhood. And I gotta say, I love living in The Land of Conspicuous Consumption.

The TV was my first pick up of the weekend. But the power supply is shot, so it wet back on the curb. The VCR, I decided wasn't worth the hassle of seeing if it works. The phone, same thing.

On my next trip out, I found this beauty. 27", Picture in Picture, stereo sound. A good garage TV. It has a loose connection that I ought to be able to solder easily. After it is fixed, it will make a great bedroom TV. The picture tube isn't great, but I bet it'll work until the next big trash collection. The chair needs an arm stitched back together, but it should work fine for watching two shows at once in my garage.

Edit - Click on the tv and you can see that I was watching Casino on TNT while fixing my treasures.

Edit - The chair is already repaired and living in the backyard. It is perfect for watching the kids play on the playscape.

I just picked these up on my way on my way home from Home Depot. They needed a good cleaning, but that was OK, because I got to use the best junkin' treasure ever, an electric power washer that works perfectly. It needed a new nozzle that I found on clearance at Home Depot for $15.

I never would pay $130 or more for one of these, but I will give $15 for one, for sure.

Racecar Man and I are going out again tonight. But it is going to be tough to top this afternoon's finds. But rest assured, I'll let you know if I do!

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