Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cart rides in the rain

Thanks to Rick for the heads up, I am now blogging through MS Word.

The kids and I ran a few errands this morning.  We ended up downtown and it was raining, so we went to the newest Whole Foods grocery store.  The kids went a while back, but I wanted to see the store, especially the cart escalator, a big hit, and the chocolate fountain, a big miss.

After you shop, you can take your cart into the underground parking garage with you, on moving ramps.   The Talker, who hardly ever wants to ride in the grocery cart, certainly had fun on this ride.  It is kind of funky, because the cart wheels lock somehow onto the ramp.  I tried moving it a little to the side, so that other people could pass us, but it was stuck tight.  

The chocolate fountain turned out to be a bowl of melted chocolate that overflows and circulates while the staff dips fruit in the chocolate.  It was pretty boring, since I was expecting a swimming pool sized puddle of milk chocolate.    

But the best fun of the morning was found at the fish market.  The counter staff picked up a giant halibut and showed it to The Talker.  He was impressed by the 45 pound monster.  Also, they sell redfish there, so we will be making a return trip, soon.  

We spent less than $2 this morning.  A few dried cranberries a handful of banana chips and some fresh ground peanut butter.  We shall see if The Talker actually likes it, or if he just likes watching the machine grind up the peanuts…

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