Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dads gone wild

I am heading out to Dad's Night Out, a once a month gathering of SAHDs without kids and with drinks. Lots of drinks.

I haven't been out to one of these DNO gatherings in a while. I tried a while back, but that is the night that Marge got hit in the butt end and beat up a Ford Taurus.

Anyways, I am hoping they will serve me something stronger than the water or blueberry juice I have been guzzling lately (more about that later...) I wonder what a bottle of Jack Daniels and a straw goes for these days.


Ally Bean said...

lol. Better take some money for cab fare home if you go that route!

Mike said...

Great advice but no cab ride needed. I was so tired and such a non-partier that I was home by 9:15.

Good times!