Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 days down

Just so you know and since it might never happen again, The AtHomeTrio have been out the door on time AND fully/appropriately dressed (meaning no plastic princess shoes or pirate hats) two mornings in a row.

You may applaud.

Of course, these are just the warm ups. Next Tuesday, the girl and I have to be somewhere on time, too. Luckily that school doesn't have a dress code!

Oh, and a follow up to last year. The idiots still can't park, even with an extra year's practice. Anyone have an extra tire iron?


The Father of Five said...

In MY book, plastic princess shoes and/or pirate hats ARE appropriate!

Darren said...

Congrats on a good start. With Clare, I like the uniform and dress code...without it she'd take an hour to decide what to wear.