Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not completely useless birds

To answer the most common question around here, no. No eggs yet. These hens are living the good life, and not doing their part. Lazy birds.

Anyways, there is one byproduct of chicken farming that these girls seem to make plenty of. And I have been making use of that today. Poop!

Two or three times since we brought our first hens home I have filled up my large composter with the pine shavings that I clean out of their coop and nesting boxes. Each time it fills, And I take that "bounty" and spread it over the grass in my front yard. Who needs to buy fertilizer when I have the world's laziest hens making it custom for me?

After I spread the composted chicken poop around the yard I'll water everything in real good. And next week I'll mow the yard to mulch up the last of the pine shavings. Thus, the week of yard work comes to an end and the yard looks great!

But I sure would like an omelet.

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