Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I couldn't skip the growing season after all

I swore after last year's miserable failure of a garden that I was quitting. No more gardening for me. I was moving into the poultry farming business.

Remember that? Yeah, well, evidently I forgot.

Now that we have had a little rain, and the grass is greening up nicely, I hit up the garden center. I wanted to pick up a couple of plants to fill in the new flower beds and pathways that I created a few months back.

The Boss Lady really likes my 'maters. (You can take that ANY way you wish...) And even though I happen to think they are evil, my wife gets what she wants, (except for a husband that folds clothes. She can get one of those after I am dead). So we are planting a few tomatoes and some veggies.

And some cantaloupes. And watermelons. A couple of varieties of peppers. Some green beans. And a few more flowers.

But that is all. Because I am NOT gardening this year.


Alex said...

Oh come on man! What fun is life if you succeed at everything???

Dig in the dirt, sweat, and grow some more stuff even if it turns out to be just weeds. ;)

It's my first time attempt at gardening with the guiding hand of my wife. I think I'll be mostly following directions and be in charge of "building stuff" but I'm in it for the fun and the veggies!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I'm the same way. Every year...
And even though trekking to the bottom bottom of my hill just to spread some fertilizer, or pull some weeds, is a long, breath-arresting activity that will yield, if I'm lucky, a few undersized (thanks to a lack of direct sunlight), spotty maters that may or may not have blossom rot because I forgot to add calcium AGAIN this year, it's all worth it when you get one juicy tomatoe for your salad.

Mike said...

I happen to think that tomatoes and most other veggies are nasty. So I don't eat the "profits" of my labor.

But the wife loves the veggies and I like playing outside, so I garden.

Anonymous said...

You garden, because your wife tells you to!!!

Mike said...

I am not even sure my wife knows we have a garden.

Anonymous said...

Are you buying vegetable at the Farmer's Market again?