Saturday, March 14, 2009

We are outta here!

The Talker and I made an agreement not to get sick on our camping trip, so we postponed departure until Sunday. By the time we arrive at the trail head it will be partly cloudy and about 70 degrees. Because that is what the weather guy is promising and I know the weather guy wouldn't lie to a boy about his spring break camping trip... Hopefully the weather pans out, but if not, we will just wing it.

The upside to the two days of rain? Looks like we will be able to light a campfire. The whole area was under a burn ban for weeks, so we were planning to not have a fire at night. Now we SHOULD be able to light up without risk of burning the entire 50,000 acre national forest down.

Our drive will kill most of five hours, since we are planning to stop at least once in each county we pass through, to pick up a geocache. Then while we are out there we will be doing a whole lotta nothing and a little more geocaching. Best of all, will be the chance to hang out, just a dude and his boy, in the woods. Good times!

Originally we were planning to come back on Tuesday afternoon. Now I think we will return Wednesday. No computers or blogging on this trip, so see you guys when we get home.

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