Friday, November 18, 2005

Ewwww gross... Gimme some...

The baby just came walking into the kitchen eating a Cheeto. Now I know for sure and certain that we ran out of Cheetos a week ago. I know, because I hid from the kids and ate the last of them.

I don't really want to know where the girl got her Cheetos. But I am a little sad that she did not offer to share. Does that make me odd?

Byt the way, I suspect the Cheetos came out of the gap between her booster chair and the dining room chair that it is strapped to. There are usally enough crumbs down there to have kept the Donner Party alive through another winter.


Tom said...

But you could still ID the food so all is good. It's those times where you wonder what they're eating that you gotta worry.

ninelives said...

We have that same gap between the booster and kitchen chair, and it is always a mystery what we will find on it on cleaning day, ours has actually has stuffed what she does not want to eat there. So if a plate is quickly cleaned we usually find stuff between the two.