Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Fun

One of the families in our neighborhood pulls a flat bed trailer behind a Suburban for trick or treating. That way the kids don't have to waste time walking long distances between houses. I guess they get to cover more of the neighborhood and get loads more candy this way, too.

Our family provides the alternative transportation for kids who are too young or parents who are not letting their kids trick or treat for hours on end. This is a picture of our low budget version.

At one point I counted six kids riding on our garden wagon. Luckily, the kids are all still pretty small. And the other dads helped push on the hills. What you miss seeing in this picture though, is the additional wagon that is tied to the back of the garden wagon. The kids crammed treat bags back there, so that more bodies would fit on the wagon.

We only hit about 20 houses, but the candy haul belies that fact. Between The Princess and The Talker, we brought home at least 5 pounds of candy. Never fear, I spent some time today sorting out the chocolate and setting the rest aside. The kids can fight over that pile. No sense in wasting good chocolate on them, though. They would not enjoy it as much as a guy with a big purple sombrero.


Darth Daddy said...

Ive got that SAME wagon!! I outlined the top of the frame with swimming pool noodles, for added padding and efect. We call it the "Battle Wagon".


Mike said...

I loves me this wagon. All the guys in the neighborhood are jealous of my bog ol' wagon. Twice this month someone has asked to borrow the green machine because their wagons were too wimpy for some task.

The noodles, great idea.