Thursday, November 03, 2005

We could open a shoe store...

I just picked up 30 shoes off of the living room floor. Thirty.

The Princess had three pair and three mismatched shoes. Why does an 18 month old need at least six pair of shoes? To go with the other three pair in her room, of course.

The Talker had the most creative mix. Five pair of shoes. Two pair of tennis shoes, one pair of hiking boots one pair of sandals and a pair of cowboy boots. Shoes for all occasions. He looked at his pile and grabbed the toy shopping cart to move them back to his room.

My pile was the most consistent. Three pair of brown Birkenstocks and a pair of grey running shoes. Once again, why three pair of almost identical sandals? I have a good answer, but it involves me getting another pair of Birkenstocks, black this time.

And The Boss Lady, she wins and award for getting her shoes closest to the closet. One pair, white tennis shoes, was all she contributed to the living room pile.


Chip said...

I hope you have a big closet to throw all the shoes into! We do, and it's amazing the shoes we find when we dig through that pile. Single shoes that have been missing for years suddenly show up in that pile.

Mike said...

Each kid's room gets a 5 gallon bucket. Shoes go there.

I built the wife a shoe rack a few years ago. Her's go there.

Mine go anywhere and everywhere, since I am the one picking them up anyways.