Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We will have no more of that. Ok?

This evening's excitement was brought to you by The Princess and the letters E, M and S. And the numbers 9, 1 and his identical twin, The Other Number 1.

Yep. 36 hours after taking the kids on a tour of the downtown fire station, the big yellow ambulance came to our house. The Princess was pissed off, and she made herself pass out. The Boss Lady was the one who found her, face down on the living room tile.

By the end of the visit with EMS, The Princess was talking and smiling at the paramedics. Mainly she was really glad to be sitting on the couch in mommy's lap and not going for a ride in the big yellow ambulance.


Celia said...

she made herself pass out? how did she do that?

i'm rather in awe of that kind of self-control.

she is okay, yes?

Mike said...

She is fine. She was really tired afterwards, but she slept fine. Me? Not really. I kept going in to check on her until I finally crashed at 1:30 or 2.

I still don't know how she managed to pull this feat off, but I never again want to see my kid THAT color.