Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am thankful for the other 9 toes
and hundred year old chairs

I should have just slept late this morning. OK, the truth is I still slept later than The Boss Lady by an hour or so, but it wasn't late enough.

As I walked into the living room this morning, I slammed my pinky toe into the the blue chair in the living room. You know, the REALLY old and HEAVY blue chair that I like to sit in while I watch TV? Yep. It caused me pain, after all of the good times the blue chair and I have shared.

Pinky toe, broken.

I am not hassling with a trip to the ER for this. If it is killing me over the weekend, I'll hit up my doc's on Monday. Until then I'll be sitting in the blue chair waiting for it to apologize.

Otherwise, the day was a great success. Family reunion with Dad's fam at lunch and hanging out at our house all afternoon with Mom, Dad, my siblings and their families. We ate. We BSed. We ate. We watched the Cowboys. Then we changed things up and we did a little bit of BSing before we ate again.

Good times.

Edit: Just for the record, my mother never complained about the goatee. I guess It'll have to hang around until Christmas to see if she loves it then...


Terry said...

There is nothing you can do for a broken pinky toe, anyway.... Except painkillers.. I think I broke mine twice when we lived on Vaughn Drive...Do you remember the huge leatherbound books my mother kept in front of the door to keep it open? Yep, kicked em twice...

Love Bears All Things said...

Terry stole my post! she's right, though. It will get all better.
Mama Bear