Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm just sayin'

I have read a couple of dad-blogs lately that have been discussing how BORING dad-blogs are. I am not providing links, because I don't really remember where I was when I read it, or how I got there. It wasn't any of my usually-read blogs.

Anyways, if you find the mindless drivel here boring, then OK. That is fine.

One of the biggest reasons that I started blogging about the kids was so that The Mother of the Bride and The Queen Mother could keep up with the daily events in the kid's lives. And I just DARE you to tell the grandma's that their grandkids are boring.

One of those chicks has a bionic knee and she will kick you into next week for talking bad about her favorite grands. The other lady will hit you with her cane for disparaging the two best looking of her brood. I'll leave it up to you to decide which of the grandmas will do the most damage.

Now on with the drivel and drek:

The Talker is out of school today. The Princess has school. So the boy and I will be hanging out at the pre-school today. (A big YEE-HAW for getting paid to hang out with my kids!) It looks like we will be playing with the smallest kids there for a while and then hanging out with Joe McDermott for a school wide concert later in the morning. Big fun today.

Sorry if we bore you.


Darren said...

I think my own blog is boring sometimes, but none of the other dad blogs I usually read. I don't know if this is true or not, but I think that most readers of dad blogs seem to be other dad bloggers...after you take out any family who know about the blog. Maybe we need some kind of scientific survey to figure that out.

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, Mike, we've never met so I ain't family. I found your blog over at Obsession. Of all the SAHD's blogs I've come accross, yours is the only one I still read regular. I enjoy reading it.
Mama Bear
By the way, I'm still waiting for recap on the camping trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting my money on the lady with the cane. Bionic knees are impressive of course, but there's nothing like a good whack with a cane to get someone's attention! Which might be exactly what those who find dad blogs boring need-- a good swift whack. Honestly, do people have nothing better to do than complain about others who actually do something like keep a blog? Sheesh.

Idaho Dad said...

I'm as boring as they come. I've even been labeled as "bland" in my local blog community. I wear that with a badge of honor.

Boring is good. It means stability, security, structure. Isn't that what kids want?

Personally, I quickly grew tired of those dad blogs that revel in tales of sex and booze. That's not my life. I love blogs like yours that tell me stuff I can relate to as a stay-at-home dad.

Keep it up! Not boring at all. Just real life.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have kids, and I love this blog!

AMR said...

Read and like your blog a great deal. Let me put it this way -- I'll be watching my son much more closely when he pulls out the craft sissors next time (especially when his little sister is nearby). Great pics!

Unknown said...

You love me. You REALLY love me.

OK, seriously guys. Even though I started the blog to let grandmas keep up without calling during nap time, I have a ton of fun "meeting" other bloggers.

Darren, Phil and AMR keep up the high quality dadding!

LBAT and Ally, I feel like I do know you guys for all of the comment exchanges in the past.

And Jen, thanks for letting me re-live the end of my college years through your blog(s). I feel like I stalk you around sometimes. But I am a SAHD and I have lots of free time, so that makes it OK, right?

Ginger said...

I've been so busy and haven't gotten to blog reading lately. I was so entertained today going back and reading two weeks worth. Definitely not boring!!

Unknown said...

i find dad blogs as boring as vacation/holiday videos and baby scrapbooks... but since i suck at capturing the moment on camera and can't find my two boys' baby books, i've turned to blogging.

honestly, it's first and foremost a way for me to archive the kids as they grow and play and shit and puke.

so there you go, it's like reality tv... boring or not you just have to peek at it every once and awhile!

Terry said...

Well, naturally the only reason I am here is to see what iMike has been up to lately.... And I have found that you are still just as funny as always....

Definitely not boring, but then this is the only Daddy blog I partake in....

The Father of Five said...

No, you see my life is boring, as my blog is too.

I enjoy reading other boring dad's because then I dont feel like I am the odd ball out!!

- - - -

Well... That or maybe we are sort of all "like minded", and that is why we enjoy each other's "boring" blogs.

Since I am not sure, I guess I will have to keep reading to see if I can find out!