Monday, November 05, 2007

SSDD (Same Store, Different Day)

Last Tuesday I whined on ADHDaddy about our soon to be ex-regular grocery store. Turns out Mondays aren't any better around there. This time I did manage to contain the damage. We only loaded up on the essentials, Q-tips, 'nanners and breakfast cereal. The extra stuff did not find it's way to our basket, so I did not have to make a protest pile today.

But I did stop the store manager on the way out. I told her that we would have to make a stop at another store to really stock up on groceries for this week. I am not willing to fight the piles of empty boxes and stacks of stuff waiting for shelf space that is piled everywhere. I also let her know that this was the second week in a row that this has happened. I guessed that during these 2 trips her store lost out on at least $75 of 'extras' that we would have bought but can live without.

She promised to "look into it". But she also wanted me to know that the stockers were finished up early every day last week, including Tuesday. I did not tell her that I knew differently since one of those guys spent at least 30 minutes putting back all of the crap that I piled in the middle of the canned veggie aisle...

Anyways, a new, closer-to-the-house store is supposed to open in late November or early December. And I am ready for the move, even though I this store has provided lots of entertainment over the years...

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Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

It's serious business when you mess with someone's grocery store.

And yes, their business will suffer if you have to go somewhere else to shop. Whether the manager realizes that or not is a different story.