Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Fun and Frolic On Aisle 5

The AtHomeTrio loves the new grocery store that we have been going to for the last month or so. If I can help it, we will never darken the door of the pharmacy again. See Why, at ADHDaddy. But otherwise, it is a great store.

AtHomeDaddy has declared this the best store in town. Reasons why?

1. Racecar Baskets. May not be important to you, but it makes shopping with The Talker a lot easier and more fun, because he is entertained at the store. Yes, we have left when all of the racecars were out on the 'track'.

That is it, really. They do have good customer service, much better than the last store we shopped at. But, I would grocery shop in a gas station if they had Racecar Baskets. They also have all sorts of great freebies for the kids, but in the end it is all about the Racecar Baskets.

Just so you know... Today we had a blue Racecar Basket with number 23 on the side. We could have used a yellow one with 15 on the side, but The Talker chose well. Last week we had a green one. Next week, maybe red.

Almost forgot, The Princess puked a pile on me while we were on Aisle 5. Guess she got queasy from shopping at a high speed.

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