Sunday, August 15, 2004

"Oh yeah, I'm a Rock Star"

Bonus points for anyone who can tell AtHomeDaddy the context of the quote in the title.

The Boss Lady has encouraged AtHomeDaddy to find some evening guitar classes. She says it is good for me to be away from the kids once in a while. Can't argue with logic like that, so today I registered for my first lessons. I'll autograph a copy of my first CD for you.

Once the other members of The AtHomeFamily re-joined AtHomeDaddy at home (How is that for verbosity? Can you tell I used to be employed by a municipality?) we chilled out and watched The Olympics.

While the family was gone, I worked on a few projects in the yard. The veggie garden is no more. I ran the tiller through the remaining weeds and now have a nice plot ready to plant again. But now I think that I should just sod it and be done with gardening for a few years. I also got a jump on the laundry for next week and kept the house relatively clean, even though the football game watching party lasted until 12:30 AM because after the game, we watched Blazing Saddles. And you should not stop a classic movie right in the middle!

This weekend has been completely Wiggles free. Nice Bonus!

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