Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Bugs are winning

The Talker and AtHomeDaddy are both getting sick. Luckily, he is a lot better at being sick than me. If we were both whining this much I don't think I could stand it.

This is how close to death I am:

I ran out of Dr Pepper Monday night at 6pm. 27 hours and 55 minutes, as of this post. I have been hitting the Cherry Kool-Aid pretty hard, but it is not the same.

Short of the Grim Reaper paying me a personal visit tonight, I'll have to take the kids to the grocery store in the morning. Because now we are out of Dr Pepper AND sugar, so no more cherry Kool-Aid, either.

You really expect a guy live this way? At some point is it really worth it? These are the questions that I ponder in my caffeine-free state. (caffeine-free state - sorta like Indiana, I've spent some time there, but I sure as heck don't want to live there!) See, my mind starts to wonder without The Nectar of the Gods.

Maybe the Boss Lady will run to the store if I whine real loud.

By the way before I die, Rick, I hafta know, why no Dr Pepper on the Swill List?

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Rick said...

To Swill or Not To SwillAnd the answer is "Because I don't have a can of Dr. Pepper."

I can't believe you didn't link to the page!