Friday, August 13, 2004

Weekend Pass

The Boss Lady and the kids are off on a road trip with Pops this weekend. AtHomeDaddy was going, but The Boss Lady offered me a weekend at home, without the family. Just me and The Big White Dog.

I ran out in the garage when she offered, looking for paint or plumbing supplies. I figured the catch was that I had to finish a home improvement project while they are gone. Surely she expects me to be productive this weekend. Alas, the garage is empty. No paint, no plumbing supplies, no lighting to be hung. AtHomeDaddy wisely decided to take The Boss Lady up on her offer. I am home with nothing to do all weekend.

Maybe now I can get to the yardwork I have put off all summer. Or maybe I can finish reorganizing the garage. Or maybe I can get out the paint and touch up the kitchen.

Aww man, I am such a sucker. Now that I have agreed to stay home, I better have something to show for it when the family returns. On second thought, it might just be better to go spend the weekend with The Mother of the Bride.

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