Monday, August 30, 2004

Next Time, I'll Take a Spatula

A few weeks ago, while the SAHDs group kids were playing at a park a mother kept taking this stupid ladle - yes, a big soup spoon, away from all of the kids. She brought the ladle for her kid to play with in the sand. Her kid was not interested. Every other kid was.

Anytime another kid touched the ladle the mom would step in and take it away. She would say, "My daughter gets upset if anyone else plays with the ladle".

'So, teach your brat to share. Besides, she does not seem to care. You are just being a butthole'. That would have been cool, if I had actually said it, and not just thought it 5 hours later...
Today we went back to that park. I wish the Ladle Lady had been there, because I took the ladle out of our kitchen and had it in my back pocket, just in case. I was going to jump in as soon as she took away the ladle and hand the kid mine.

Then I could have said 'Here, since Ladle Lady won't let you use her big spoon, you can use mine. Feel free to go throw some sand at the old hag with it. You do know that it is OK to throw sand if an adult tells you it is OK, right? And you know there is a pile of rocks over there by the slide... I wonder what you could do with those. Think you could hit Ladle Lady's minivan?'

But then the kid would have probably told me 'Shut up, mister, I'll find my own spoon'.

Ladle Lady was a No-Show. Good for me, because I can't handle rejection from a three-year-old in the sandbox.

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Noir Muse said...

I find your blog amusing...

My own fella is going to be a very good stay-at-home daddy someday. Nice to see some other like minded people out there. I didn't think we were all that odd until I took a womens studies class in college. Whoa. I never imagined such spite and cruelty in a supposedly progressive environment.

And I know he's also the type to bring a ladle to the sand box after such an encounter. Wouldn't want any other type really. Nope.