Friday, August 27, 2004

Yard Work

Until recently, the decent looking yards on our block were all done professionally, EXCEPT mine. It has nothing to do with pride or responsibility. I am cheap. These guys get $60 to mow and edge a yard . That is with a weekly contract. $70 - $75 for an occasional mowing without a contract. Since you have to mow more than half of the year around here, the neighbors are laying out more than $1500 a year FOR MOWING! A couple of these families have teen-age sons, too... And they pay for mowing?!?!?

In the past, I would be out there every 5 or six days for a couple of hours getting the yard looking great. It was always easy because The Talker would take his afternoon nap and I would mow. Once the Boss Lady got home I would finish everything else up.

This year I have been lucky to get the mower out every ten days or so. Seems The Princess does not agree with the mowing schedule. She does not usually nap long enough for me to mow. So now, I am out there after dinner, racing the sun to get everything done, since I hate to waste a Saturday morning mowing when I could be fishing or sleeping. Tonight, I almost got finished. I still need to mow up on the retaining wall and work in the front flower beds. I guess there is no fishing this weekend.

But at least The Boss Lady did not have to work overtime to pay the mowing bill this week

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