Friday, August 13, 2004

This is MY Life?

I had one of those moments where you question every single thing in your life all at once. At 11:13 AM while standing at the park.

So we are off to the park, The Princess, AtHomeDaddy and Cookie Monster. He was Cookie Monster because he went to bed with a Halloween costume on and I had been unable to talk him out of it all morning.

I digress, There I was innocently watching Cookie Monster run around the playscape with a couple of girls from the neighborhood. One mom asks another "What formula do you guys feed your baby".

At this point, I am already looking for a bail-out from my Cookie Monster pal - C'mon hit someone, fall down and cry, ANYTHING! Because I know that the next question will be the same one, but addressed to me.

"What formula do you guys feed your baby". Why did I not answer Similac and let it go? Nope, had to go with the honest answer.

"The Princess is breastfed."

"Wow, how is that going with mom at work?" Then I was stuck watching my Cookie Monster chase girls while I was involved in a discussion about breastfeeding. And that is when it happened.

I thought to myself that only two years ago I was sitting at a desk working away the day. Now, I am stuck in a MOMMY CONVERSATION with no graceful exit. 20 minutes later, The Princess spoke up and bailed me out.

20 minutes.

It is not The Princess' fault. She is only 4 months old. Over time, hopefully she will learn to offer daddy a little help a little quicker, but it was OK for a first try.

Now the Cookie Monster, he should have been there for me. He is 2 1/2 years old. So he went to nap with no cookies. And I took away his costume.

Not really, but I sure am hoping that The Talker will be quicker to bail me out next time!

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