Wednesday, August 18, 2004

1/2 Down 35 To Go

It is now the third day of the school year and The AtHomeTrio is settling into a nice routine. Hopefully it will keep up until May 26th. This morning, after watching the recycling and trash trucks, we headed to the park to hand with the other SAHDs. This outing turned way too exciting when one of the three year olds walked away from the playscape.

He was found in the grocery store next door to the playscape. But the time spent searching for him seemed like an eternity, especially since I left The Talker and The Princess sitting with a dad and an 8 month old that I had only met half an hour before. It was too hard not to run past MY kids every few minutes while I was looking for the missing boy. Everything turned out fine, but once he was found, we headed home cause AtHomeDaddy needed a nap and a Dr Pepper!

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