Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Morning Rituals Ruined

Thanks to the local PBS station for changing up the morning routine of preschoolers all over town, without notice! We have enjoyed Sesame Street at 8 am since The Talker was old enough to be interested.

They re-arranged the schedule this week and have Sesame Street on at 7 am. If The Talker catches onto this and starts waking up an hour earlier for his Elmo fix, I am going to hunt down the station director at home and crank up some Elmo tunes in the Windstar, while sitting in his driveway at midnight for a month.

This guy went and screwed up a perfectly good routine for no reason. OK, he may have reasons, but his reasons are stupid. See, I knew I could think rationally about it. I am so depressed, I wrote a poem.

Some people are coffee junkies
Some dudes dig on dope
Some cool guys drink Dr Pepper by the gallon
Others, they snort coke

But all I really need
All I really want
Is ELMO and I want him at 8 o'clock

So it is not a good poem. Sue me.

August 31, 2004 1:00 pm

I got an email response from the local PBS station. I guess I should take a hint. Complain about the programming and the Membership Services Coordinator will respond.

Hey cheapo, you are not a member, are you? That is why you don't know anything. Pay up and we will let you know in advance of schedule changes.

Hey at least they responded. But we are still watching Nick Jr. today.

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Bill Austin said...

Okay, you got us. When the grandkids visit, the routine is the same. Those PBS shows are supposed to stay at the same time.

Teletubbies moved to late in the day, and now we actually have to watch it. ;---(

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