Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Chicken Attack!

AtHomeDaddy forgot to fill you in on the Chicken Attack this morning.

The Talker was playing with sidewalk chalk at the neighborhood park when a roadrunner jumped/flew/fell/something out of a tree and landed about five feet away. The Talker jumped to run away and the roadrunner took off as quick as a... Roadrunner.

The Talker, once he realized that there were no more birds after him, decided to chase the roadrunner. All the while he is yelling for me, "A chicken! Daddy, get da chicken!"

It is cool that the boy thought A, I COULD catch the chicken/roadrunner and B, I would know what to do with the chicken/roadrunner once I caught it! Once again, The One-Man-Fan-Club made me feel like a real man.

Too bad we didn't eat chicken or roadrunner for dinner. Maybe we will find a cow to chase tomorrow!

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