Monday, August 02, 2004

Happy Birthday, Queen Mother

The Talker and The Princess were going to work on a card for Granny this past week, so that it could be mailed on Saturday. All the art supplies are out and have been ready for four days, but we never got around to the actual creative process.

So sorry.

The Boss Lady just told The Talker "It is MaMa's birthday today... She is Six Hundred." A direct quote.

Today The AtHomeTrio went swimming at the neighbor's house after we played at the park while it was cool this morning (Cool meaning less than 95 degrees and 124% humidity) and we cruised the mall for chicks. Besides that, everyone took long naps, so all is well in AtHomeLand.

The Boss Lady just reminded me That "not EVERYONE got a long nap today."

So sorry.

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