Sunday, August 29, 2004

Playscape Addition

Tonight The Boss Lady gave approval to another of AtHomeDaddy's harebrained ideas for the backyard. Since the privacy fence hides the yard from view, I pretty much get free reign out back.

We have a retaining wall that runs down one side of our back yard. We can't really do much landscaping on the wall, because the neighborhood powerlines are buried there. YOU can dig, I'll even lend you the shovel. Go deep. It'll be a good show.

The Talker and the neighborhood kids like playing on the wall, so we are going to build a small deck on part of the wall. I want to build it big enough to put one of the kid-sized picnic tables or the art easel up there. (Yes, I know, we only have two kids, yet we have multiple kid-sized picnic tables. The Boss Lady is a sucker for Little Tikes stuff at garage sales and AtHomeDaddy brought home a wooden one on big trash day).

The deal is, AtHomeDaddy is to build this architectural masterpiece with the lumber that has been stacked beside the house for most of a year. WonderLady, the neighbor had the fence between our houses replaced last winter. The old fence was much better than the fence on the other side of our yard, so I was going to rebuild it over there. And there it is, stacked neatly beside the house eight or nine months later.

AtHomeDaddy noticed that the stack was starting to lean today, so that spurred the creative process.

Lookee there, the fence wood stack is leaning.
I ought to re-stack it.
What a hassle.
I'll just put it all out on the next big trash day anyways.
Let it lean.
Maybe I should just build something out of that wood.
Lookee there. A flat spot on the wall.
Think I'll build The Talker a deck.
Hey, Boss Lady, guess what I want to do...

Yep, it happens that quick. And notice, not once did I ever think about actually building the fence.

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