Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Boys Night In

The Boss Lady had a meeting this evening and she took The Princess. The Talker and I managed to get a lot done in the 3 hours the girls were gone.

We put out all of the trash and recycling for the morning and we got a little bit of work done in the backyard. We hung out for a while with the neighborhood kids and we watched a little Bob the Builder. Haven't been out in the workshop lately, so I am living vicariously through British claymation.

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Justa Dad said...

I’ve been getting a kick out of your posts for a couple of weeks now. I am an AHD as well, though not by choice. I started my blog to blow off steam; along the way I’ve found a lot of “interesting” folks. It’s good to know that there are other AHDs out there that understand the importance of Elmo.

Now if you could just explain BOOBAH. Every time I watch it with my kids, my eyes glaze over, and I come to half an hour later muttering some thing about Grand Papa.


How DID you get the Homer quote at the bottom of the page? I am HTML impaired