Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dueling Naptimes

If today's title makes you want to listen to banjo music and stick flashlights up you nose, then you worked at too many summer camps while you were in college.

Besides that, I guess a better title would have been Dual Naptimes, since this is a celebration of the fact that The Talker and The Princess are both napping at this moment. Lately she has been playing until a few minutes before he wakes up, so there has been little rest-time for AtHomeDaddy. Except that yesterday I rocked The Princess for so long trying to get her to take an early nap that my leg fell asleep. The phone rang and I tried to lay The Princess in the crib without waking her as I was running to get the phone. It would have been funny to see. Glad we don't have a NannyCam.

Boss Lady, we don't have a NannyCam, do we?

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