Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Just a Regular Tuesday

The Boss Lady and AtHomeDaddy are trying to get back into a nice routine. Since The Princess came along, we have been spoiled because both of us have been around the house a lot.

Now that school has started, The AtHomeTrio are trying to get a lot more things done around the house so that the evenings and weekends are not eaten up at the grocery store and waiting on the washing machine.

This morning we headed out to the new grocery store. It is not really a new store, but it is not the store we used to go to because they have race car baskets! The cart keeps The Talker happy which helps keep everyone else happy. Go to ADHDaddy to read a little more about the side trip to the pharmacy.

After the trip to the grocery store we dropped off the goods at home and went to the library. The Talker and AtHomeDaddy read books while The Princess dozed. That is, until we ran screaming from the library because of some 4 year old brat. This PIMA (Pain in my Ass) (Eternal gratitude to Brad Hall, wherever you may be!) was driving everyone nuts, except his mother. She was either deaf or just oblivious. As loud as that brat was screaming, I HOPE she is deaf.

Is it OK to put Anti-Barking Collars on other people's kids? It is more humane than having him de-barked. Just checking.

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