Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big Big Big Loader Big Big Big Fun

The Talker's toy construction set is still the most popular reason that people end up here. A while back a reader started hosting a PDF file of the instruction sheet that is still requested at least weekly. Before Tim hosted the file I bet I emailed out that file 10 times a month or more. Now I don't really know how many people end up finding those instructions.

Still, I get asked once in a while about replacement parts. eBay seems to be the only decent source. The big big big problem seems to be that the toy isn't made anymore. Anyways, since the little marbles are the most frequently lost pieces, I am always looking for suitable replacements. And I haven't really found anything that will work properly.

Until today.

Evidently there is a Thomas Big Loader toy that uses the same marbles. And Tomy still makes it. So the company sent me an order form to purchase replacement marbles for either set (10 marbles for $1.25, shipping included!)

If you need replacements, let me know. I'll email you the MSWord document/order form. Or email the company, they were prompt to get back to me via email.


Terry said...

Occasionally, I think I have lost my marbles.... Good to know they are replaceable.. hee hee hee

AMR said...

"The Talker's toy construction set is still the most popular reason that people end up here."

This is just too funny. An innocuous post, I assume, about how much your son loves a certain toy pops up in a search request and bam -- people are asking you for advice on how to fix it/find replacements, etc.. Ahhh, the power of the internet.

My son is also a contruction toy addict (and Thomas . . . and trains . . . and paint . . . he likes a lot of things). We'll be adding to his collection of each this year.

Unknown said...

Terry, you are right. I should order some, just so I can say"Nope, I have my marbles right here..."

Chris said...

What can you post the order form for replacement parts? I am doing a project involving the Big Loader toy and need a backup car in case my car burns out.
Any help is appreciated.


Unknown said...

i would like to get new cars for my set the gears are out of them and i cant find replacment ones ur help would be great

Unknown said...

hello im trying to get replacement cars cause my gears are stripe and i cant find any anywhere

Mike said...

Darrin. I have an old order form and will send it to you but I need an email address.

contact me at athomedaddy @ and I'll send it to you.