Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Holidaze are here

The Princess and I wrapped up school on Wednesday morning. The Talker finished up at 2:45 today. The Boss Lady was home by 4:45. Let the holidays begin.

Just in time too, the kids were working my last nerve today. So after I got bored with yelling/griping/begging/pleading/crying/wailing and gnashing my teeth in an effort to get them to calm down, we went trolling through the neighborhood, looking for friends. Which is what all parents do, right? Can't control them at home, then send 'em to the neighbors to play.

After playing (nicely) with the neighbors, we headed out to dinner. The heathen children returned right about the time our food hit the table. After we got home I disappeared for a few hours.

I could tell you what I was doing, but then you would know where to find me when I am hiding from my children. And YOU would tell them where I was. So you don't get to know.

They must have behaved once I left. Since the wife did not have them outside in the dark doing finger tip push-ups or jumping jacks. She was actually letting them sleep. Like a good mommy should. I never asked if Benedryl was served with the evening snack.. Because they look so peaceful when they sleep. Almost innocent.


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AMR said...

I disappeared from 8pm until 1am last night (well after the kids were asleep). Sadly, it wasn't a raucous affair -- 90 minutes at the local watering hole w/ a couple of other dads (not sahds), a couple of hours at my brother's (three doors up the street from me) and then a wasted 90 minutes in the playroom working on my Wii bowling technique. Thankfully, that same brother took it back today (he left it here on t'giving).

I'm running on fumes now, but at least it's naptime and both are ready to go down. Getting away is so very necessary.