Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"My life is now complete...

now that an HEB grocery store is open in my neighborhood".

I overheard a woman telling her friend that as we were cruising through the new neighborhood grocery store this evening.

Gauging by the fact that the store first opened for business at 6 this morning, and we were there at 7pm, AND the store was clean and the shelves were fully stocked, I think we have a new family grocery store.

No more driving 3 miles to the nearest HEB. Now we are just over a mile to the good stuff.

Other than that, life is good around here. The Princess' school was closed today thanks to a gas leak in the building. Which worked out OK for us, since I had a raging headache and was planning on ditching work anyways this morning. For the record, I did NOT cause the gas leak.

The weather was awesome today. The Princess and I celebrated this afternoon by getting the bike and trailer out for a cruise around the neighborhood with one of our neighbors and his 11 month old. Good times.


Terry said...

When I visited Texas a few weeks ago, I stayed in Hurst/Euless/Bedford, but it did not resemble a grocery store at all.. If I had known I was sooo close "only one mile to the good stuff" I would have visited..

AtHomeDaddy said...

That was always what I thought about when we first moved here.

But the HEB of grocery store fame was Henry E Butts (or something like that). So you can see why they abbreviated.

Really, who wants to eat a bunch of food from "The Butts".

KC said...

Hey I've shopped at an H.E.B. before, and it wasn't all that life-changing. Perhaps it's better than it used to be most of 10 years ago?

AMR said...

I would hit up the local HEB on my trips to San Antonio back in my previous life (there seems to be one on every corner down there). Definitely a well designed and well stocked store -- just different.

What's more important is that you are excited about your grocery store. I love mine (Harris Teeter) -- picked up my free wok for frequent shopping today -- so happy!