Friday, December 07, 2007

My brain is broken

No much to post about this week. I managed to barely keep the kids dressed and fed while playing around with a 4 day long migraine headache. Since Tuesday, all I wanted to do during the daylight hours was sleep. Not real simple with The Princess wanting to play Hi Ho Cherry-o. All. Day. Long.

Anyways, I finally started feeling better this evening. No sense in feeling wimpy for the weekend, right? So hopefully we will be up to some fun and frolic on Saturday, which happens to be the first Saturday in a couple of months without something on the family calendar. And a lazy Saturday around the house should beat any migraine, any day.

For the record, we have been to the new grocery store twice this week. It is really purty and it does not smell like old rotting fish.


Terry said...

I have had a recurring headache for about a month now, not a migraine, but annoying enough. Sorrry to hear about your ailments..... Glad to hear you were able to pull through for the weekend.

Ginger said...

Hope you're feeling better.