Monday, December 31, 2007

Outdoors at New Years

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Lately, we have been rediscovering the greenbelt that runs through our neighborhood. Before kids, The Boss Lady and I would go back there and explore (read: get as lost as blind snow geese...) with the dogs. When the first kiddo was little enough we loaded him in the baby backpack and hit the trail. For some reason we never made it down there after The Talker became The Walker.

Several years have gone by, but the trail is as nice as ever. Especially the end nearest our house. It is more rugged and less manicured than the more heavily used areas of the park. So therefore it is also less crowded.

Law Talking Guy started taking his kids hiking in the greenbelt this fall. I went with them one Sunday last month when the rest of the family was napping. The next weekend I was hauling the kiddos out there while The Boss Lady snoozed.

Saturday, Bro and I took a herd of cousins out on the trail. We hiked out and back, about a mile, to an area called the Fish Pond. Everyone fell at least once. the kids were all a little muddy. No one fell in the water but everyone had fun. A good hike indeed.

Today, The whole AtHomeFamily did the same death march to the Fish Pond. Several of us fell in the water. We took lots of pictures and in the end all of us were worn out. Good times squared.

Anyways, it was a nice family outing. And I hope that with the new year we remember to visit that great big green space right outside our back door.


Anonymous said...

I love taking walks with the family -- much more enjoyable than going on my own. Glad to hear that you have "rediscovered" a part of your neighborhood that is fun for the entire family.

Love Bears All Things said...

J and I like to find green areas to walk in. Our city has lots of manacured parks but we prefer the woods. Its a challenge sometimes to find one. Its good the wee ones are finally old enough to enjoy this activity with you.
Mama Bear