Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Once upon a time...

News about grocery stores would not have made me giddy.

The closest grocery store to our house is stinky. It must be a chain thing. Every branch of that grocery chain I have ever gone inside is stinky. Like the fish market did not manage to sell all of yesterday's sushi quick enough. So we drive right past this store to shop at another grocery store, twice as far from the house.

But today our local newspaper is reporting that the stinky store is closing up shop. And the chain where we buy 99.9% of our groceries will be opening a store in the space in Mid-December.

Hooray for shopping locally!


Darren said...

There's a kind of stinky store near us that we avoid too. It seems that usually though, once a stinky store closes, another one steps up (or drops down?) to take it's place as the new stinky store. Eventually that one closes...and so on and so on and so on.

Unknown said...


I have seen that, happen too. Hoping that the new guys beat the curse.

MileHighDad's said...

Sometimes the extra drive is worth it!!
Not so for me, a year ago a new Kroeger brand store opened a mile from my house (sweet!) eliminating a 30 minute roundrip drive drivetime alone, not including parking, packing and shopping if I was out of milk or disposables.

Mike, MileHiDad

Love Bears All Things said...

For some reason, I can't shop at the same store every time. I'm the same with going the same route to a place every time. Guess I need variety. My favorite store of all time used to be Food Max. Then they closed shop. Hope the new one isn't stinky!
Mama Bear