Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nice neighborhood

Our neighborhood is a nice place. The ten or so houses on our street are all smallish with decent sized yards. They were some of the last houses built in a local building boom back in 1982. Actually, they are nothing really exceptional. Just 25 year old tract homes. Still it is a nice place to live.

An example from yesterday. One of our neighbors called. She was needing someone to watch her baby while she took big sister to the doctor. Since they were in a hurry to the doc's office, I ran over and got the baby.

But I am out of practice with diaper bags and I forgot to bring the baby's home with us. I realized the error of my ways as soon as we got back to our house. I was going to grab one of the Princess' pull ups and try to make due with it when I decided to send The Talker across the street.

The kids trekked over to borrow a couple of diapers from another neighbor. They have a daughter who is a little older than the 'borrowed baby' but she is surely closer in diaper size than The Princess and her size 5 pull ups. Once the diapers were delivered, we all had a great time playing with the neighbor baby.

So anyways, yesterday afternoon just reinforced how much I like our 'hood. We have really nice people around here. It is a good place. Borrowed babies, begged diapers and all.


Terry said...

I hope one day to live in a nice neighborhood like that.. The most I get out of my neighbors is recycled dog food near my porch...Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

That's the way it should be -- takes a village. And it's so good for the kids to experience.

Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

It's nice to hear that places like that still exist. You're lucky!


It's so important to have nice neighbours & to be a nice one yourself. A neighbour is like family, that you're not related to. You definitely can't choose your family but you can keep them at a distance & this is when neighbours' come in handy.

Love Bears All Things said...

What a good neighbor you are!!