Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It is like getting the first door ding on my new car...

I know it will happen eventually, but that does not mean I won't throw a hissy-fit when it happens.

We beat the school bell again this morning. The Talker's perfect attendance streak carries on for another day. 0 absences, 0 tardies. And all because we pulled off the trifecta this morning to keep that tradition alive. YES, you may bask in the glory that is me.

Did my alarm clock go off on time? Yep. Did I fall back asleep for an extra 25 minutes, WITHOUT the help of a snooze alarm? You betcha.

Luckily The Talker woke up on time. And when I realized that we were starting out 25 minutes in the hole, he got dressed in 8 seconds flat. Which is about 3 seconds quicker than usual...

Likewise, The Princess hopped up and started getting dressed quickly. Which is sort of hit or miss most days. She was done in about 2 minutes and both were sitting at the table eating breakfast within 5 minutes of my wake up. Score one for the home team!

Wednesdays are trash day. So I usually set everything out Tuesday evening. But last night was the season premiere of Law and Order, SVU. So The Boss Lady and I watched TV. Remember that excuse, it will come in handy later...

Our trash trucks can come around starting at the crack of 6:30 AM. So I was hoping I had not missed the trucks this morning. But just to keep things interesting, our trash pick up guys can run until 5pm. So waiting to set out the trash is like playing the junk-lottery. You might win and catch a late pick up OR you might get to keep your crap for another week.

So I stopped everything for 5 minutes and ran back and forth to the curb, trying to make sure everything is placed properly, so that the trash gods will accept my weekly offering.

The Talker started quizzing me about lunches. As we were heading to the car. CRAP! I knew his backpack looked small. The Boss Lady packs lunches the night before. So we can blame that on Law and Order, also.

So now that everything is off and running like normal around here, The Princess and I are off to her school. Don't you just love mornings like this?


Terry said...

Well, I hope the boy got to eat!!


Trash gods! Ha I know what you mean....

Oh the life of a parent. However do you do it. I'm sure I WON'T be able to make it out the door in record time like you, because I am so NOT a morning person.

Ginger said...

We have trash pick-up twice weekly which is wonderful. If you miss it you have another chance in a few days. Wait til you have older children and they hand you something and say, "I need money and signature for this." as your walking out the door.

Mike said...

Ms Cute Pants:

The boy is a morning person. So he keeps us all moving in the early hours.

I am not a morning person. And I think most of them are clincally insane. Including the boy.


I thought I had missed a field trip form this morning. Turned out they were only walking to the fire station at the edge of the school property, so no slip was sent home. Yeah for not missing one!


Yep, the boy ate a SACK LUNCH!