Friday, September 14, 2007

You dang straight. It was a rough dozen or so hours for Mr. Mike

OK, so clocking 17 and a 1/2 hours at work probably shouldn't win me any awards. But still, I had to laugh when my boss replied to an email with the following

We just worry about you being overworked and being that we might be taking advantage of your skills and good nature.
That's right. OVER worked. 17.5 hours of work time and she is worried that I am overworked. I guess she is just looking out for Mr. Mike. For the record, The Boss Lady does not think 17.5 hours of ANYTHING and overworked belong in the same sentence. And for some reason she won't call me Mr. Mike...

Though I won't blog much about specifics of work since I deal with other people's kids for ALL of those LONG hours. There is one aspect of work to report. The score is currently tied, 1 to 1. There is one kid I can's stand. He just annoys the heck out of me.

But that annoying kid is countered by my newest buddy, the one up there who seems to follow in my shadow more than the rest. Added to his great taste in staff, he is so cute that he looks like he belongs on a cereal box. And he is just cool. Like Mr. Mike.

Edit: I had to come back because I forgot to tell you about the worms. I brought home worms from worm. No not lice. Worms!

They are earthworms that the kids dug up out of one of the flowerbeds and we are going to keep feeding them scraps from kid's lunches. Then at the end of the year we will put them in the annoying kid's sammich. Or we will let them go. Whichever.

I did not want our playground pets to dry out in the worm bed I created out of an old Styrofoam ice chest, so they came home for the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

So it's a YING/YANG situation with the kids, eh? Glad to hear that you've got a sweet one to offset the not-so-great one!