Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yep. We saw the inside of our bank in this getup.

Once the kids were old enough to dress themselves, I generally quit worrying about WHAT they wore. As long as they are dressed appropriately for the weather and the things we have to get done, then it is pretty much free reign around the dresser.

An example. Church clothes have to be worn to church, not for playtime. But you want green pants and an orange shirt? then go get 'em Garanaimal!

We were on our way over to feed the neighbor's kitties. But I figured we would run a few other errands while we were out in the rain. Luckily for the kittens, the harmonica stayed in the car while we visited. The best part of this outfit, I did not even notice until we were at the car. Still, I HAD to go back to the house to grab the camera.


Mike said...

But the girl isn't dumb. She took the time to put a sock on the 'boot foot'

KC said...

My girl always liked mismatched socks, but not shoes. I'll have to ask her if she'd ever try what your kid did.

Anonymous said...

What a tolerant Dad you are. Good job!!

Ginger said...

When J was 3 he had this thing for red socks. And he wore them with everything! And if he could only find one red sock? Well, he would wear one red and one whatever else. It was cute, but mostly it just wasn't worth trying to discourage. B now, she is very fashion conscious!