Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday ToDo list

The Boss Lady has regular meetings on Tuesday mornings that start later than her usual mornings. So last week she started taking The Talker to school on those days. Yeah for Mommy! Withe our now crazy schedule, this is the only regular time each week that the boy get to be alone with mom.

I really made out like a bandit this morning. When it was time to head to the school, it was pouring rain. The Boss Lady and The Talker trudged out into the rain while I was checking email and reading online news. The Princess was snoozing, after she evidently kept mom up most of the night. Since I don't remember getting up to help out, I'll assume that I slept through that chaos.

Now I have even more to atone for with the wife. So this is my list of things to get done between now and 5:45, when The Boss walks back into the house. I'll come back to this post to revisit how much of this stuff I actually do today.

  • Dishes into the washer - Finished
  • Clothes started in the other washer - Finished
  • Cat boxes cleaned - Finished
  • Tile and concrete floors swept - Sorta. Kitchen done
  • Mountain of laundry - 4 loads washed, 3 dried, 0 folded
  • Bank run - Done! With a side trip to the hardware store
  • Kitchen cleaned up - Didn't happen
  • Carpets vacuumed - Maybe Thursday
  • Visiting the neighbor's kittens - 1 trip today, 3 yesterday
  • Staff meeting at work - I forgot about it, but then they canceled it - Offsetting penalties
  • The Princess' palace/dump/bedroom straightened, sacked or burned to the ground (With help of 3 year old slave labor)-I am leaning towards just pillaging and plundering that wing of our castle...

A big bonus would be seeing the TV stay off all day, so the soundtrack for today's housework is being provided by Guy Clark, Willie Nelson and Don Williams with a couple of extras thrown into the CD player for good measure.

Anyways, we are off to a pretty good start on our busy day. And hopefully The Princess will be worn out enough that she won't feel like playing at 1 am. I would sure hate to sleep through that 2 nights in a row!


The Father of Five said...

Mountain of laundry dealt with
3 loads washed
2 loads dried
0 loads folded

- - - - - - - - -

If it's anything like our house.. It will almost always say

X loads washed
X loads dried
0 loads folded

- - - -

Son: "Dad, wheres my shirt?"

Father of Five: "I dunno, go "climb the mountain" - I think I saw it somewhere near the peak!"

Mike said...


And I think some of your mountain migrated over here. No way we have this many clothes for 4 people.