Friday, December 30, 2005

The Boss Lady's Christmas rock

C'mon over sometime and let The Boss Lady show you the rock she got this year. It is a beautiful thing. Too bad she can't wear it to work. But the bruises and blisters that it left on her hand. Those she wears proudly.

But free is free.

Monday morning we started moving about 10 yards of pea gravel from across town to our back yard. Yes, we could have bought some and gotten it delivered, but free is free.

Some friends bought a new house and the previous owners took a huge playscape when they moved. But they left behind a 20 foot square pad filled with pea gravel about 10 inches deep. And our friends wanted it out of the back yard. So I got stupid, or maybe stupider, and said we would take it and use it under the kids playscape.

Three days of hauling rock with a pickup truck and a small trailer left a pile in the driveway bigger than The Boss Lady's car. It is kind of impressive and dumb to think that the wife and I moved all of this rock by ourselves. And we still have about a third of the rock to bring over here.

Yesterday I started moving rock to the backyard, because we were out of space to pile anymore in the driveway. I moved about a quarter of the pile to the playscape. I'll post some before and after pictures, soon. But for now, gotta go move some rock.

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