Monday, December 12, 2005

Got a lid I can borrow?

It is official. My job as Stay at home dad just got a lot harder.

This weekend The Princess successfully climbed out of her baby bed several times. She already knew how to climb in but it was nice because once she was in, she was stuck. Now, she is free to roam, day or night.

I brought the toddler bed down from the attic a week or so ago. I was thinking that we would set it up during Christmas break. No luck on waiting that long, though. She isn't totally sure about staying in the toddler bed all night yet. And for her nap today, she wanted to sleep in the crib. We will keep the baby set up for a while and just swap the mattress back and forth as The Princess sees fit.

I was thinking that we could just make this easier on everyone. We do still have the other dog crate in the garage. And that thing is a lot bigger than a toddler bed...


KC said...

I had to teach my kid (A) how to climb in and out _safely_ and (B) she wasn't free to get out at night. Once the novelty wore off, she slept fine in that thing for several more months without incident. We just kept the side down since there was no point in keeping itu p.

Mike said...

I like that idea. I think I'll leave the rail down if she chooses to go there at nap times. We are going to try and get her to sleep in the toddler bed at night.

Thanks for the hint.