Saturday, December 24, 2005

Santa brought her world domination

A few days ago someone left three books and a board game on our front porch. They aren't Christmas gifts, I guess, because there was no tag and the presents were not wrapped. I assume that one of our neighbors left them for us.

The books, the first three in the Hank the Cowdog series. The board game was an almost new game of Risk. Looks like it might have been played only a few times.

Tonight after Santa's snacks were left out and the kids were off to bed, we set up the game board. The Boss Lady whipped my ass. In an hour and a half.

Years ago my roommate and I would keep one game of Risk going for an entire weekend. No such luck for me tonight. It was an ugly bloodbath. Made even uglier by the wife's gleeful gloating.

Now she has a case of blood lust and is curling up with a DVD copy of War of the Worlds. And I think she might be waiting to conquer Santa, when he comes down the chimney, too.


chip said...

I loved Risk when I was a kid. Then BK got it for his birthday a few years ago. He and I have played some great games. He's got a good strategy and does almost beat me sometimes (or maybe he actually beat me a few times, I've forgotten...). The problem is those little plastic soldiers. When you step on one of those in bare feet it's worse than stepping on a lego!

Mike said...

I finally found out it was Wonder Woman who left the gifts. And Risk got a good work out while TBL was on Winter Break.