Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Words that could make me cry

It is raining today. Add to that we blew the entertainment budget yesterday at the bouncers, and we have the makings of a boring day at home. Lucky for the kids, I was out of Dr Pepper. So we cruised a couple of grocery stores this morning.

The kids were little heathens in the first store. This is one of those fancy stores where everything is so expensive unless it is on sale. Turns out nothing was on sale. So we ran across the street to our old grocery store.

The kids were great in this store. Could be that I did not cram them into the basket side by side. Or it could be that we stopped by the bakery and bought a round of fresh donuts for everyone. Whatever. Once home The Talker asked to watch Aladdin. The Princess and I played in her room for a while and then we played built puppies with Duplo blocks. Big fun for all. And none of these puppies bit The Boss Lady!

Somewhere during the middle of all the fun, I left to clean the kitchen. The Princess came to play at the dining table and then I realized she REALLY needed a diaper change. Ohmygosh, how can a 28 pound child do that?

Hint #236 for new dads, if you can smell them in the next room, change 'em.

After a quick snack, The Princess looked at me and said the words that warm a daddy's heart, "Daddy, I tired, wanna nap".

Eloquent, ain't she?


dadwith2 said...

Hint # 236 is so accurate. I had my oldest when she was two and sick(the runs) leave me a trail from the dining room to the kitchen talk about a mess. YUCK!!!

Mike said...

Yep, I have follwed a similar path before. YUCK indeed.