Thursday, December 15, 2005

We are proud to be 100% baby bed free

The Princess has been climbing in and out of her baby bed since last weekend. So Sunday we set up the toddler bed in her room. I was hoping to get it painted pink or purple before she needed it but now it looks like she will be snoozing in the same silver toddler bed that The Talker used.

And it looks like she likes her new big bed!


graceful said...

Now how old is she again? I know my little guy is totally ready for a big boy bed. WE just have to bite the bullet and let the kid grow up. little guy will be 3 (yes...THREE) in January.

chip said...

I remember how thrilled my daughter was when she got her big girl bed, I think she was three at the time. The Princess looks very pleased with her move up in the sleeping furniture world!

Mike said...

I thought we would be closer to three, too. But we did not even mkae two. That happens in 4 months.