Thursday, December 08, 2005

What a horrible toy... or maybe not.

Since she is home, The Boss Lady is cleaning out the kid's closets today. And that means I have to stay away.

The first step in her clean out involves going through all of the loose toys and throwing away any toy that does not have all of it's parts. Also, she can get rid of a ton of the little gimme toys from fast food kid's meals.

This is where I usually get involved, I end up going through the cast- offs, trying to explain why we should keep a particular piece of a toy.

And this morning I did a double take before I got banished from the trash bag. I found a toy that even I was ready to trash. It was part of a spinning top that had a label that said "Amazin' ADD BOY!"

The wife cracked up and had me read the toy again. And it is not as offensive as I thought. It actually says "Amazin' Addaboy!" As in way to go, that a boy! Not like, Hey you, doped up kid...

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