Friday, February 04, 2011

David, How do you do it???

Enough of this winter crap!

I live in Texas AND I have a giant fireplace in my house (to go with the central gas-heat system) for lots of reasons. One important one is that I really don't like to be cold. The couple of weeks of cold (read- Minnesota Spring) temps that we endure enjoy are plenty.

Though we haven't had it as bad as those Yankees that live up in Dallas, this week has been crazy cold. School opened a couple of hours late yesterday so that the schools could help with the power service problems around the state. Evidently, even giant power generators in Texas don't like the weather this week.

It hasn't gotten above freezing in three days. Last night the kids finally got some payoff. We have about half an inch of snow on the ground this morning and the schools are closed because of the icy roads.

I will admit, I haven't cared much about school closures since I finally gradumated from college. Suddenly though, Teacher Mike cares A LOT about the fact that I have gotten to sleep late two days in a row.