Saturday, July 31, 2004

Free Trees!

Urban Heat Islands.

Trees for Heat Islands.

Our neighborhood is participating in a federal grant to help reduce to effect of Urban Heat Islands. Short version of the story - If we agree to plant trees where the organizing group decides, mainly along the street, then they provide the trees and we water until they are self-sufficient - about 2 years. AtHomeDaddy will dig a hole just about anywhere they say for another oak tree! Especially since we are planning on replacing at least two dead/dying trees this fall.

PS Thanks for paying your taxes, my yard will look great!

Weekend Update

Friday evening AtHomeDaddy wasted a couple of hours fishing at the flooded quarry near the house. Did not catch anything, but did not hear a 2 year old say "No, I don't like that" the entire time. (Aside- The Talker was told last night at dinner that if he finished the last bite of his sammich he would get a treat. He got the last laugh... After he ate his treat, The Boss Lady cleared the table and found the last bite hidden under the edge of his plate.)

The Boss Lady is working this morning, so The AtHomeTrio have been cruising the neighborhood, looking for trouble. Played in the backyard, went for a walk, The Talker played T ball in the front yard while AtHomeDaddy trimmed the Ash tree by the driveway and The Princess snoozed. We headed to the park but the 137% humidity and a migrane sent us home crying for momma.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Keeping up appearances

The rain this week has been a nice change from the usual summer heat. The Talker and AtHomeDaddy were able to collect another 50 gallons of rain water for the garden. Unfortunately, most everything has already succumbed to the heat. We will just water the heck out of out the eggplant and birdhouse gourds.

But the rain has screwed up the usual mowing schedule. So this morning, while The Boss Lady took the kids to swim, AtHomeDaddy mowed the front yard and weeded the flower beds. Exciting stuff.

This was way more productive than a morning fishing would have been. Lucky for me, it rained as soon as I finished, so the back yard will have to wait until the weekend. Gotta love those privacy fences!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Last Dress Rehersal

The Boss Lady is only working a 4 day week. This is the last week of the summer for AtHomeDaddy because he will have one easy day. No matter what The Boss Lady says, AtHomeDaddy does not dump the kids on The Boss Lady on her days off. AtHomeDaddy tries to create moments for The Boss Lady and the kids to bond without interference.

That is why I fish. It is for the good of the family. The Princess and The Talker need time with mommy before the new school year starts, so I am going fishing. It really is too hot to fish, but AtHomeDaddy is all about sacrificing his own comfort for The AtHomeFamily!

So, don't call here Friday morning, I'll be fishing and The Kids and the Boss Lady will be bonding.

AtHomeDaddy Archive Change

Changed the archive feature on AtHomeDaddy so that this blog will only archive monthly.

It might be easier to find old entries this way, but it also might take a little while longer for the page to load. Especially if you are cool, like AtHomeDaddy, and still use dial-up.

T-Ball Game On!

The Talker got his first T-Ball set last night. We played until 'way past too dark to be outside'. The boy must have dreamed about winning the World Series. He is up early and wants to continue but it is raining.

If it rains all day, we may have to hide the breakables and play a little Living Room T-Ball.

Must be contagious, The Princess is in her bed cheering for her big brother to hit a Grand Slam. AtHomeDaddy needs to go help the her, so go away.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Did ya know?

That The AtHomeFamily has a Banned Books Shelf?

This is not a place we store our subversive literature, this is the place that books go for a 'TIME OUT'. 2 year olds often want to read one story over and over and over and over and over.

Right now the Banned Book Shelf is empty, but several classic pieces of children's literature are on their way to 'The Shelf'.

Included in the current list of AtHomeDaddy's least favorite books:

The Wheels on the Bus Picture Book
Shrek - The Essential Guide
123 to the Zoo
Have You Seen My Cat?

Truthfully though, The Banned Books Shelf is not really a shelf. AtHomeDaddy realized that The Talker would be determined enough that he would climb the bookshelves, so we use the dining room doorway.

Stop by some time and take a peek at 'The Shelf'. Just don't take any books down, or you are risking your life.

Scare 'em All, Let God Sort 'em Out

This morning, The AtHomeTrio crashed a mommies group at the Children's Museum. One of the mommies at church organized a playtime. The Talker got up asking to go play with a couple of his buddies from church, so we skipped out on our other playgroup to hang with The Talker's church buddies. The Talker had a great time and I don't think any of the mommies were too scared by watching AtHomeDaddy in action, but The Boss Lady might get an ear full on Sunday.

This afternoon, we cruised a couple of neighborhood parks and headed home for The Princess' afternoon siesta. Little did we know she would not be napping, so we could have played another two hours.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sunday Recap

I got nothing exciting.

Church this morning, dinner out afterwards, NASCAR this afternoon and AtHomeDaddy was going fishing this evening, but there is lightning all around, so I guess I'll stay away from the water.

Maybe I'll go golfing instead.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Surprise, I'm Here

This afternoon AtHomeDaddy got a call from The Twin (aka JB). He was in town on business and wanted to stop by. Luckily he was two hours away, because the house was a disaster. The world's quickest house cleaning led into a nice visit with the old college roommate. The Talker cried when The Twin left. Of course, The Talker also cried when The Twin and AtHomeDaddy left to go get barbecue.

The Twin got to see the non cussing catepillar, Elmo and Tigger in the DeathBattle and Tigger get a little freaky.

I could tell you what else we discussed, but it might breech national security, so it is better if I don't discuss the issue any further.

All in all, a great day!

Library Day!

The Talker finished his summer reading program this week, so we had to go by the library so he could pick up his prize. Last year we read to him to meet the time requirements, This year it was a combination of his reading/narrating books that he knows by memory and us reading to him. Glad that is over, now we don't have to read again for another 11 months.

Joking, it was a joke. If any reading teachers or former librarians want to comment, feel free, I can always delete your posts!

The Talker got his summer-cut this morning. He told me yesterday that he would not cry during his haircut, and he is a man of his word. No tears, no screaming and best of all, no kicking the stylist!

The Princess got shut out of haircuts and the summer reading program. She is catching up on her naps after getting worn out yesterday. The Boss Lady is home today, so hopefully AtHomeDaddy will get the workshop squared away this afternoon. Looks like Harbor Freight exploded out there right now.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

8 1/2 inning, 2 hitter

The AtHomeFamily went out to the balpark to watch The Express this evening. For the first time ever, we made an entire game. Luckily, it was done by 10pm or we would have missed the end of this one, too. The Talker made friends with a kid a few seats over and they had fun watching at the rail. Other Kid, about 3 years old, decided to walk 20 rows to the concession stand mezzanine to look for a bat so he could play, too. The Talker decided that was a great idea and went too. I followed to see if The Talker would stop before going too far.

He did not.

To my surprise, the crowd was making way for these two toddlers. I had to rush to catch the little dudes at the mezzanine. Other Kid's mom was not too worried. I guess she knew no one would actually give these kids a bat.

Birthday Dinner

We headed out to my favorite non-bbq restaurant last night. Hoover's Cooking is in our old neighborhood and we don't often head over, but when we get our food, we remember why we spent half of the grocery money there every month. Make you slap your momma.

Just don't ask The Boss Lady about dropping the pie in the driveway on our first walk home from Hoover's. She still gets teary-eyed.

I learned a little something by reading the back of the menu. You gotta check out the drink selection at The Beverage House.

No Coke, No Diet Coke, No Pepsi. Dr Pepper? Hell yeah, we got Dr Pepper, R.C. Cola, Diet R.C., Big Red, or 7-Up.

Way to go Hoover, my compliments to the chef.

Fun Day

The Boss Lady has been back at work four days. Today has been a reminder of how simple family life is when you divide and conquer. The AtHomeTrio stopped at The Boss Lady's office this morning to help hang some pictures.

On the way home, The Princess decided to take a catnap. Once home, she screamed until she was almost exhausted. Another quick catnap lead to another round of screaming. This would be no problem if The Talker were not napping. We would be out for a walk or a drive. But with one responsible adult (Yeah, right!) in the house and one child asleep, The Princess gets to yell.

So AtHomeDaddy and The Princess set up some ground rules.

1 Don't yell.
2 If you must yell, don't wake up The Talker
3 If The Talker Wakes up early, everyone will cry. (That is a threat, not a promise!)

So far Rule #1 has been ignored, Rule #2 has been respected and Rule #3 has not been necessary.

Anybody need a wailing siren to make their car sound like a fire truck?

Better run, there is more yelling and Rule #3 just got shattered.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Swim Day

The AtHomeTrio went to the pool this morning. It has been a while since AtHomeDaddy had to organize a family outing and this trip would have embarassed all other SAHDs that I know. The following is a list of the major items I forgot to take with us:

Diaper bag - diapers and wipes
Enough cash

And worse, while driving to the pool, The Talker tells me, "I wanna take off my jamas." I had even forgotten to get the kid dressed before we got in the car. We had a good time once we met up with the neighbors.

Back when I had a job, I didn't work very hard on my birthday. So I guess I'll use that as my excuse for today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tuesday Report

This morning, once The Boss Lady left for work, The Talker and AtHomeDaddy played in the back yard for about an hour while The Princess snoozed. Actually, we played on the patio and in the sandbox. By 9am it was too hot to be out in the sun on the swings. I designed a sun canopy when I built the swingset and now would be a good time to actually build it. Maybe we will be swinging in the shade during August.

The AtHomeTrio went to a new park this morning with the SAHD's group. Afterwards, we headed to Costco. We are not addicted to Costco, it is just that they sell cheap smoothies and the keep the AC COLD! Must have caused the children to hibernate, because The Talker took a 3 1/2 hour nap and The Princess slept for 90 minutes before we headed off to a neighborhood birthday party.

Monday, July 19, 2004

The Boss is Back

The Boss Lady went back to work today.  She said I needed to use my time constuctively this week.  
Added to The Talker's new bedtime request (Come on, yell it like Dee Snider...):
He says "I wanna rock."
Then we scream "ROCK!"

We have been trying to memorize new songs.  The song for this week, MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This
My-my-my  music hits me so hard
Makes me say,"oh my lord thank you for blessing me
With a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet"
It feels good
When you know you're sown
A superdope homeboy from the Oaktown
And I'm known as such
And this is a beat-uh!
U can't touch this

I'll let you know when AtHomeDaddy and The Talker are ready to perform for you.  Besides that, AtHomeDaddy and The Duo went to the park to hang out with other SAHD families today.  First event we have made in a while, and everyone had a blast.  The Boss Lady got home early, so The AtHomeFamily went to drop off some pictures at  Costco
. We are still working on the pictures for our house and have several landscapes that we shot while traveling.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Weekend Update

The Talker and The Princess have enjoyed hanging out this weekend with The Mother of the Bride and two cousins.  The Boss Lady has been busy trying to keep everyone entertained and fed.  Highlights of the weekend include a trip to the waterpark/pool with most of the neighborhood and a lot of shopping.  AtHomeDaddy skipped out on the shopping trip to go fishing. 
I should have gone shopping, cause fishing was a complete waste today.  In less than an hour I lost two lures and broke a fishing pole.  The pole can be fixed, but the lures were brand new. 
AtHomeDaddy did accomplish one long held goal this weekend, though.  I now can make my own beef jerky and dry veggies from the garden, thanks to The Queen Mother delivering a brand new dehydrator for my birthday.   I spent yesterday working on a small batch of spicy jerky and now I am ready to stock up on the stuff to make a bunch.  The place we used to buy good jerky may go out of business without The AtHomeFamily stopping in to buy a pound everytime we drive by. 
Sunday, we are cold chillin' like villians illin' by the billions, 'cause it's The Boss Lady's LAST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK!

Friday, July 16, 2004

T minus 71 hours, 30 minutes and counting

This whole summer has been a blast, but today marks the last weekday of The Boss Lady's break.  Sucks for her, but it is even worse for me.  Until mid August or so, she works 4 days a weeks, so she still gets 3 day weekends, but she is working a couple of extra hours a day to make that happen. 
Eventhough the 3 day weekends might be good for a little bit of fishing, the 13 hour days get really hard.  All of the whining is so hard to handle.  It is really hard to whine for 13 hours straight.  The Talker running around, saying "Daddy, stop whining...  Daddy, stop crying..."  does not help.
The Talker is snoozing late this morning.  The Princess and AtHomeDaddy are trying to get the lawn watered and The Boss Lady is off to the mall.  Really, she is going to a Dr's appointment, but she says that is too personal to blog about.  Once she leaves, AtHomeDaddy will start getting these kids into shape.  I only have 71 hours to get them back on the 'Daddy Program'... 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

What you got?

What do you keep on the visor in your car?
AtHomeDaddy kept a picture of The Talker and The Boss Lady stuck under the corner of the visor mirror for so long that the colors faded into oblivion.  Before that picture there was  nothing except an occasional speeding ticket or grocery list.
Once I tossed the picture in the trash, the visor looked bare.  That is, until I found THE perfect piece of visor-art.  It came from a Chinese restaurant down the street.  Great food, good prices and the best fortune cookies anywhere!  Ok, the cookie are the same as everywhere else, but the fortunes rule!
The first fortune I got at this restaurant made me laugh for an hour:
followed by several Chinese symbols and lucky numbers.  Unfortunately, I lost it before I was done laughing about it.  Back to the visor:  Now, on my visor, hangs the greatest fortune ever!
also followed by several Chinese symbols and lucky numbers.  And on the reverse side of the fortune:
Now is the time to move forward.
Maybe AtHomeDaddy is not a real deep thinker, but that silly slip of paper on my visor sure has been good for a lot of cheap laughs. 
So, what's on your visor?

Takin' the Long Way Home

We are headed home this morning. Going through the country, so that The Talker will have a sense of how boring this road trip was when I was a kid. Coming up we stuck to the freeway, but after a half-week in 'The City', I am ready to get the heck back to the hills.

The Talker is ready for his own toys and The Boss Lady is ready for an end of summer nap. The Princess could not care less. Of course, the faster we get home, the sooner we can start cleaning for the visit from The Mother of the Bride. I need to show her all of the stuff she bought me at Bass Pro Shops.

I'm sure she will be thrilled.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Road Trip Update 2

The AtHomeFamily has been busy doing almost nothing this week. We made it to The Store today, so even without fishing for 3 days, AtHomeDaddy is happy. Got a great deal on a new tackle box, so The Boss Lady might not banish me to the garage because of the horrible smells when I open the current box.

The Talker got to play with his cousin tonight for a couple of hours. He had a blast, but getting back to the Queen Mother's house was pretty fun, too. The boy has been up at least an hour past bedtime all week long. Hopefully we will get back to a routine Thursday night. Only 4 days until The Boss Lady is back at work, so AtHomeDaddy needs a good system in place this weekend

Heading home in the morning. Hopefully getting to fish Saturday morning, but I will have to hustle on the yard Thursday afternoon. No time to mow Friday, since The Mother of the Bride will be down for a night or two. (At least it isn't for three. Right, MotB!?!)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Tales from the Road 1

Nothing eventful happened on the ride to The Queen Mother's house. With two kids, that means it was a great drive! We usually head up through the country on backroads, but this trip we stuck to the highway and we made great time.

Today's itinerary:

We are off to visit the Longhorn Cattle Herd that parades through town and we are hitting a couple of other tourist sites this morning. We will have dinner this evening (or should I say this afternoon) with AtHomeDaddy's Great Aunt. It has been years since I have had a good cafeteria meal. We will indeed eat at a cafeteria, but the good part will likely not change during this trip.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Last Road Trip

The AtHomeFamily and The Big White Dog are off on one last road trip before the end of Summer Break. We are heading to The Queen Mother's house for a few days.

No plans, except visiting Bass Pro Shops. Driving 4 hours to go to a sporting goods store?

Not unheard of. This place has a hotel next door and it is fairly common for red-necks to stay there just for a multi-day visit to 'The Store' while they are in 'The City'.

Besides, AtHomeDaddy and KB once drove a two hour round trip for a box of cereal! Or was it a sammich? Or did we make two different trips? 1989 sure was a long time ago.

Net access is available, so you should not miss out on any good updates between now and Wednesday.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Nice Surprise

While AtHomeDaddy was fishing this morning, the rest of The AtHomeFamily took the Windstar and had a remote unlock system installed.

I always made fun of these remote unlock things until we babysat a friend's son before The Talker was born. One afternoon of loading that dude in and out of the car and I have been begging for a remote unlock system since.

Look out, The AtHomeFamily is finally moving into the 90's!

Beautiful Day Fishing at the Dam

This morning I was on the water by 7:30. My first stop was a hole along the bank that had a nice smallmouth hanging around. (Gotta love the polarized lenses!) I worked that big dude for and hour and a half. The third time he hit my worm, I was able to land him before he tangled me up in a nearby log.

I got a nice picture that I'll post somewhere later. He went back in like the others before him. Now I have fisher's regret.

I measured him at 17 in long and about 10.5 in girth. Came home and ran the measurements through a calculator, on Rodworks. That would put his weight close to 3 lbs. My biggest freshwater fish yet.

Man, he would have tasted good!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Things I didn't get done today

I had big plans today. Home from a few days of fishing, nice and relaxed. Plans were out the window by 11:00am.

I was going to mow and weed-eat and edge the yard. Have not even walked outside.

Planned to work in the garage, getting the workshop set-up to make some toys for neighbor kids birthdays. Have only walked into the garage to get laundry out of the dryer twice.

I need to get out in the garden and weed and pick veggies from the last four days. I opened the back door for The Big White Dog two times, does that count?

I still need to work out the plans for the new laundry center. Maybe just throwing stuff in the closet floor is a good idea.

Accomplishments for today:

I watched two hours of The 40 Best Celebrity Feuds on VH1.

I changed a diaper. It was messy and could not wait for The Boss Lady to wake up from her nap. Believe me, The Talker and I tried...

I drank a Dr Pepper or two.

I convinced The Boss Lady that going out for BBQ tonight would be a better idea than microwaved chicken patty sammiches.

And I listend to a couple of hours of Guy Clark, including The Cape and South Coast of Texas.

All in all, not a bad day.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Camping Re-cap

The AtHomeFamily is now at home. Camping was top notch. The little cabin with AC kicked serious butt! Everyone stayed happy through the trip.


The Talker was thrilled to get use of the top bunk. Sleeping "upstairs" was a lot of fun.

The fishing was not a total waste. But AtHomeDaddy stayed up almost all night to make it worthwhile. Landed two smallmouth bass after midnight on Wednesday morning.

The Talker went overboard on the kayak (Or is that off the kayak?)while riding with mommy. Anyways, he got wet. The Boss Lady did not get wet.

Watching the divers jump off of the rocks into the lake was fun, but hopefully when they are teens, The Princess will be smart enough to talk The Talker out of jumping off of the boulders. Who am I kidding, she'll be the one pushing him off of the rocks!

And the best highlight of the week...

At home you seldom get to watch all female chain-gangs mow the yard. Cool! We will have to check the mowing schedule before we return. It was a good show!

More when I remember. My brain hurts, thanks to the Queen Mother.

Monday, July 05, 2004

T minus 302 hours

The Boss Lady Goes back to work at 6:30am on the 19th. I am down to two weeks vacation time. After the 20th, you guys can all laugh about how much time I got to waste in June and early July, cause there won't be no more for a while.

AtHomeDaddy went fishing. What a freaking surprise! All of the recent fishing trips have just been for a couple of hours at a time. Today was a little different. I was on the water by 7am. While catching several nice fish, time flew by. I headed to the car a couple of hours later. What a surprise to see I had been fishing for 6 hours! A nice trip!

The Talker and The Princess helped mommy pack for our camping trip today. The AtHomeFamily minus the Big White dog is heading to the State Park for The Talker's first camping trip. Since the Princess is going (and it is July!) we will be using one of the nice little cabins right on the lake. Yes, the cabin has AC. Yes, we are wimps. No, I don't want to hear your crap about the AC. But more importantly, I don't want to hear The Talker scream while he is melting in the afternoon heat.

Back to post on Thursday, unless something real exciting comes up! Enjoy the silence.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Having a Blast on the 4th

Our church has a huge patriotic service and fireworks show every year for the 4th of July. The have all sorts of inflatable bouncers and games for the kids in the late afternoon, dinner the early evening and the service starts just before dusk.

They had a tractor-train for the kids to ride. It is a barrel train that some guy made out of old toxic waste drums and pulls behind a lawn tractor. The Talker rode it for 3 or four loops at a time until a line built up. After the line got too long for continuous rides, he rode it 4 or 5 more times. The guy driving was cracking up because The Talker was waving the entire time.

The Princess slept. But, she was not screaming. Just sleeping. She is nice when she sleeps. She still does not know how to scream in her sleep. Hopefully, she will not learn soon.

Hopefully I'll catch me a Five Pound Bass when I go fishing at the dam in the morning.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Busy Weekend

The Talker and The Princess will be staring in the neighborhood 4th of July parade in their custom decorated double jogging stroller on Sunday. Which means, AtHomeDaddy and The Boss Lady stayed up late to decorate.

We will be out late Sunday, too, watching fireworks show that our church puts on. A nice professional show at the park where AtHomeDaddy fishes often. Hope the noise does not scare the fish!

Today AtHomeDaddy tried out the fishing at a city park on an island. Had a blast, and caught some striped bass. AtHomeDaddy photographed the first one to show The Talker. He was impressed. Doesn't everyone have a digital camera in the tackle box, now? Maybe I need a camera phone, so I could email pictures to The Talker right form the water!

The Boss Lady ran away for several hours tonight to go to the movies and dinner with the neighbor women. The Princess decided to scream for the first two hours, so the trio went for a ride. Cruised the old neighborhood where AtHomeDaddy's Grandmother lived. I was sad to see that the entire garden is gone. I put this garden in for Granny to enjoy. Once the house was sold, the garden remained and looked good for several years.

We are headed to the lake for camping and fishing this week, so those of you who cannot go a day with out reading this blog...

should get a life!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Daddy's Day In

This morning was the weekly Dad's group playtime for kids under 2 years old. Lots of kids, lots of dads, lots of fun. The Talker was not too sure about sharing his toys with all of these kids at one time, but he managed.

Afterwards, he was wiped out, so we vegged out to Shrek and grilled cheese samaches. When the samaches were done and Donkey had sung his song, The Talker, The Princess and the The Boss Lady napped while AtHomeDaddy went fishing.

What a good life.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Talker is a Fisherman!

The AtHomeFamily went to the park this evening after dinner. The Talker got to try out his new fishing gear and watch softball too. He was able to see a couple of fish in the water, but none took the bait.

After playing at the park and with the neighbor kids, AtHomeDaddy and The Talker were off to Krispy Kreme for a snack and to the grocery store for milk and Dr Pepper. The Talker laughed himself silly with the wind blowing in his face. We were in Momma's car with the radio up and the windows down.

It is not a convertible, but we are saving for a bass boat!

The Talker's Fishing Gear

The AtHomeFamily went to look for The Talker a fishing rod this morning. We found the perfect equipment for a 2 year old angler. A Tigger fishing rod that floats if you drop it in the water! What a deal, It was a tough choice, between Mickey Mouse and Tigger, but Tigger was a keeper. We threw that mouse back.

Of course, AtHomeDaddy had to stock up on a few things too. But NOW, I am ready to fish. I can't imagine needing any other equipment or tackle, except maybe another rod or two and a bass boat. Maybe we will go looking at boats later this week.

Would it be nice of AtHomeDaddy to ask The Boss Lady to get a part-time job to pay for a boat? It is almost my birthday, you know!

Paybacks are Hell

About 9 months ago, The Boss Lady hosted a boozefest for the neighborhood women. They were supposedly playing Bunco, but I never saw dice, and I did see more wine bottles than people.

Before The Drukening AtHomeDaddy cleaned the house. It looked good, it smelled good, and The Boss Lady got lots of compliments that she shared with me.

Revenge is sweet. Friday morning AtHomeDaddy is hosting the weekly playdate for the Local SAHDs group. I called The Boss Lady out a couple of days ago by reminding her of The Pre-Drukening cleaning.

So today, I get a pass on cleaning the house. The Boss Lady has agreed to clean the house top to bottom. A good sign, the first thing she cleaned was the pet feeding station. The pet food table does not even get cleaned when The Mother of The Bride stops by. This, is serious cleaning!

So I woke up before The Princess and got the heck out of Dodge and went fishing. Same place I went last night. Same result. We will eat chicken for dinner tonight, again.

Though I had promised to take The Talker fishing today, he was asleep and I have not gotten him a rod of his own. We might go today to look. (When it comes to hobbies, look = buy.)

After getting home, I got the yard mowed. The grass is much too wet, but it is not raining. The sun is even out. I am sure that is why the fish are not biting. The don't remember what to do when the sun comes out.

More to do in the yard, but I think The Talker and I will go look at fishing gear. I swear, we are just looking!