Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stalking the 'net.

The Boss Lady and I have loads of friends in common. I guess that is pretty normal since we have been around each other almost constantly since 1993. But we also share a few friends from back even before then. One of them we will call M.

M played a part in The Boss Lady and I getting together, when she encouraged me to call The Future Mrs AtHomeDaddy on a day off from summer camp responsibilities in 1992. After that call I decided to change my college plans and transfered to The University of Where The Future Mrs AtHomeDaddy Went (U 0f WWTFMAHDW) - they never did have very cool shirts for sale...

Unfortunately, we lost track of M a few years after we married and moved to Austin. I have tried to find her over the year. But even though I knew I could get an address from the old summer camp (if I would only think about this stuff during normal business hours), I would occasionally wonder where M had ended up.

Tonight I stalked her down looked her up on the internet. Turns out she is doing well (no surprise there) and doing great things to help people out (again, no surprise). I still wasn't 100% sure that it was M on the other end of the web page, so I sent a quick email just to see if I would get a response.

An hour or so later, I did get a response. My stalking skillz are still top notch! Of course, I fired off a longer (some might say "too long") email letting M know what we have all been up to for the past decade and a half. And hopefully we will be catching up more with M very soon.

Besides, if this Special Education teacher thing doesn't work out I can go into the Private Eye business.

AtHomeDaddy, P.I.

Anybody want to loan me some sunglasses, a mustache and a red Ferrari?

You are welcome in advance

A joke from The Talker:

What is the difference between a booger and broccoli?

Kids won’t eat broccoli.

Monday, April 19, 2010

So it was a good choice then?

"So what do you think about the wine I chose?" I asked The Boss Lady.

She quipped "Well, it is cheap and stinky... kinda like you".

Friday, April 16, 2010

And you thought your life was dull?

In the last week and a half I haven't felt the need to blog much. Here is a re-cap of the things you missed:

Life is busy, with the kids in school, The Princess playing kickball, The Boss getting older and trying to wind down another school year. The chicken eggs were a hit at Easter, but we evidently forgot to take any photos after the dyeing. We also forgot to hide them, so the fancy, dyed eggs are probably still in Bro's fridge.

Today I finish up watching The Little Dude at least on an "Everyday" basis. And Monday will seem just as busy anyways. Hopefully next week I'll be making a full-court press to line up some job interviews for the fall. My classes start meeting for reals in a week or so. Think I need some back-to-school clothes?

So there you have it. The life of a baby-sitting, chicken farming, soon-to-be un-retired/former Stay at Homer. All in about 10 sentences.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I am out of Dr Pepper, so stay away from me until I can get to the grocery store. It would be best for everyone.

Monday, April 05, 2010


The Princess turned 6 today. And guessing by the way she fell asleep in about 39 seconds, I think she had a great birthday.

This weekend we were all over Texas, from Austin to Dallas and back again. But somewhere in the the crazy fun of hanging out with my brother and his family, my sister and her family and Mom and Dad a couple of times, we seemed to forget a couple of important things. Like buying birthday presents. Oooops.

We got home about 6pm on Sunday evening and The Boss and I had come up with a great plan to get the last of the birthday gear bought. It was a good plan and it would have worked. Except that when I came in from the 4 hours of driving, I sat on the couch for a few minutes and forgot about the plan.

About 10pm, when I was ready for bed, I headed to Wal-Mart to buy the presents. True, I could have shopped today, while the kids were in school, but I already felt bad enough about putting it off for that long, so I shopped in the dark.

The Princess loved her gifts and she could not have cared less if they had been purchased a week, or an hour, ago. But the highlight of the day may have been the cupcakes for breakfast. Since I was feeling guilty already, we had birthday cupcakes twice today. Once at breakfast, and again at dinner. I figured I could redeem myself with pink cupcakes.

And you know what? I was right! The Princess said she "had a great birfday." Which is all that really mattered today.

It was a very good weekend!

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